Birth Traditions | Parveen Kelly, Midwife, CPM, LM, CEIM, RM
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Meet the Midwife

Parveen Kelly, CPM, LM, CEIM, RM

I am a British midwife and mother of three wonderful boys, who were born at home with midwives. One sometimes hears birth workers say that the first birth is long, the second fast and the third is the wild card, or anyone’s guess! The births of our babies followed a similar path, each beautiful, in their own, unique way.


My hopes to work with women and babies were laid down early, as a child. As soon as I learned that women could have babies, I wanted to have my own and catch all of the others! I had a strong sense that women were special and powerful, I was glad to be a girl and sad for boys who would never experience pregnancy and childbirth firsthand! I was fascinated every time I saw a pregnant mother and wanted to know her story. This intrigue was there from my earliest memories and I sometimes wonder if it has been passed on from my grandmother, who worked as a midwife in India for 43 years.


I was born in England and grew up in Oxford. After high school, I went to Champneys College, Hertfordshire, where I studied holistic health care, massage and aromatherapy. I enjoyed imparting my knowledge of healthy living and making a difference in women’s lives. I found that women would openly share their thoughts and birth experiences with me during appointments. I enjoyed listening and learning. Several of my clients were midwives and when I expressed an interest in the profession, each one encouraged me and commented that I would make a good midwife and bring valuable skills to mothers and babies. I needed to spend more time working closely with families to be sure about embarking on a career change. I signed up with the London Maternity Nurse Company and worked as a maternity nurse facilitating the transition to parenthood, helping with breastfeeding and caring for the newborn.

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